Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Brandon has been on staff retreat at the Omaha Zoo today,
throughout the day I've received these images on my phone from him,
apparently he is enjoying the zoo and all of its wonders.
The girls are missing B pretty badly. C whines "I miss Daddy", and J looks around asking "Ga-ga?", which on a side-note, I realized last night that Julia says 'Ga-Ga' for daddy, 'Gog' for dog and 'guck' for duck. I got a little panicked thinking she missed the whole "D" sound, as I know that is one of the easier to learn/make. When C's first sound for a long time was "Da" the Parents-as-Teachers women explained that D is one of the easiest sounds to pronounce. So, this morning at lunch J very clearly said "All done!" and I realized that when she carries around her pretend cell phone she says "Hi Da" so though the wires appear to be crossed, at least I know the 'D' is in there somewhere, collective sigh of relief I'm sure - and I digress...

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Julie said...

i got the same picture as you of the little panda anteater hippos (at least that's what sam called them)...they're cute