Monday, June 23, 2008

Do to Julia's dangerous high-chair behavior of late,
we've decided it's time....for the Booster
just another reminder that my baby is refusing
my request to cease this silly growing stuff and just stay little forever!

Around the time C was ready for the booster I saw these adorable booster seats at a specialty kitchen store on the Independence Square. They are made of vinyl, like old diner seats, and they are heavy so they don't tip easily. The patterns in the store were obnoxious to the point of being endearing [if you're unfamiliar with a pattern's ability to cross this threshhold, then I would ask if you have ever uttered the words "It's so ugly, it's cute" because I have - think Gremlin]. Besides being totally adorable/sturdy and perfect booster seats, they also have an adorable name, Boosty Yea, how creative is that!?! So C has the green one presently (gifted very generously to her by her grandparents). Since they retail for $68 I was hesitating to get J one, though I wanted one SO badly. Then I stumbled upon the exact one I wanted, blue-strawberry, on eBay, brand new! Hurray for eBay! It is brand new and should arrive later this week. Good bye high chair, hello Boosty Yeah! [Even once the girls are grown, these will still be fun to pull out for tiny-guests that come over, because after you've invested in $130 worth of booster seat you bet we're taking darn good care of them]

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