Wednesday, April 16, 2008

There is this strange thing called motherhood.

And I am totally into it right now,
and I only really really got it last night.

[Back story: since birth Julia has been camping out every night in our bed, our full sized bed. As she's grown out of breastfeeding, and just grown in general, this has become more-and-more uncomfortable. I have become her security blanket, she literally holds onto my 'skin' and rubs, pats, pinches and pulls under my shirt all night long. All the while she is stretching out with her feet in Brandon's back, filling her diaper to overflowing and therefore soaking the bed while she's at it.]

Enter last night's conversation as Brandon sat watching her doze off,
her hand down my shirt, tossing and turning as she tried to get comfortable...

B: Doesn't that annoy you????
K: [light bulb] No, actually it doesn't

And then I realized. I will actually miss this. I love that I can comfort this beautiful little human, that I am exactly what she needs. And I know that before she and her beautiful sister were in my life, five minutes of this would have sent me over the edge - and in fact even now if another little child with sharp little finger nails and ratty hair (as J frequently has) would do this to me I might holler for their parents rather quickly, but this is my sweet baby, and she'll be 16-and-mouthy soon, so I'm going to gobble her up while I can! I know it sounds totally corny, but I think it is insightful, too, because even I am amazed (upon reflection) with what I can tolerate.

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