Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Wall Street Journal recently did an article on motherhood blogs...

They featured this one called dooce (rhymes with moose) - and I have to admit it has consumed the last two hours of my life. This lady is hillarious and very raw, and I LOVE HER. I have been laughing out loud at her entries. The Wall Street Journal article estimates that she makes over $400,000 a year from this blog - WOW.

Her style is kind of edgy, so she might not be everyone's favorite,
but I know there are several of you people who will totally be into her style...
{Michael - this will TOTALLY be up your alley!!! And he's thinking, great, a motherhood blog, just the type of fullfillment I was looking for - but seriously cousin, she's totally got your style of wit - he-haw-larious}

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