Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Life Lately...
Get up early, like really early.
Get presentable, not like really presentable, psh.
Wake children, have breakfast, give kisses in that order.
Drive through Starbucks, MUST.
Work, also must but not in the same kind of gusto-filled MUST.
Pause and swivel chair toward 12-inch window for sunlight.
Work some more. And more. And a little more.
Leave promptly, like really promptly.
Pull in drive way, make funny face at waiting children, or blow a kiss, or both.
Dine on dinner photographer has prepared, sigh of gratitude.
Do dishes. {Little known fact about me - I love doing dishes. Weird.}
At this point we have options:
a) attend pre-scheduled function, class, or sporting practice
b) do a puzzle, play a game or generally lounge
c) clean the house
d) go to Starbucks
e) none of the above, well except d of course
Bathe self or children or both, not simultaneously.
Consider getting a pedicure, or shaving legs, doing neither.
Read a story, say a prayer, give a kiss, wait for sleeping sounds.
Leave sleeping children in their own beds where they will hopefully stay.
Set alarm. Sleep. Glorious, glorious sleep!

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