Thursday, October 25, 2012

Alpaca and Carolyn making friends - photo by Jennifer Khoury Photography

Every. Single. Day. I crane my head when I pass a pasture. I slow way down when the sun is just setting over an open field of grass, just shy of perfection for lack of a few alpacas. I check my bank account, I do the math, how much is enough to make the big purchase? Like farm big, and barn big, and a house if it needs one, and at least two alpaces (cause they are herd animals and can not live alone), and a few Great Pyranese to protect the herd, and some new boot like these. Maybe another day, I conclude, after we've saved some more and possibly won the lottery. This is my simple dream, and I dream it daily.

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Living on Love said...

Oh, Katie. Me too! Someday. We'll bake bread and raise chickens and have goats and make our own cheese. We'll eat fiddleheads and plant and orchard and buy horses and pigs. Someday. When we win the lottery.