Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One time it was summer in Baltimore and the children played on a slip-n-slide. They had contagious smiles and swam every day in a suite pool, because one time it was summer and we lived in a hotel. That summer, in Baltimore, they counted down the days until we made the long drive home to Kansas City, and one time soon we will.

And one time later than soon, I will remember this time. I will miss our together space that time makes for you when you have the time, every single night without fail. I will miss the empty calendar that allowed me to get all caught up on iCarly and play approximately a million rounds of Uno or whatever was on the agenda for the evening.

And someday after soon I will forget the sound of the suite phone that only rang to announce we had a package, and the smell of a clean hotel room that greeted us when we'd been out all day, and the suite shop that was open all day and all night.

One time it was anytime, in any season, in any place. And I found now and remembered it fiercely, and I knew that it is where my feet are planted. I appreciate now and want to appreciate it one time at a time from now on.

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Teuvo Vehkalahti said...

Teuvon kuvat noormarkusta kävi täällä ja toivottaa hyvää loppukesää.