Sunday, May 6, 2012

[I really do miss my friends in KC so much, but seriously this place has a thousand amazing things to explore! It will be good to be home, but for now we are enjoying every square inch that we can.]

It was a drizzly Saturday afternoon, but the canopy of leaves kept us dry and guaranteed the island all to ourselves... errr... and a large black snake. The handsome one shot photographs of Teddy R. and his peaceful island where the only disturbance is the fly over of commercial jets every 2-4 minutes (ok, so the peace is not so peaceful). The girls were in heaven getting to RUN and jump and climb and explore, all things difficult to do in a suite. And all the more reason we need our own little piece of paradise when we return to KC, maybe not an island, but at least some space to run.

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Anna said...

Julia's ponytail is beautiful. I cannot believe how grownup they are. EVERY LITTLE BABE I KNOW: PLEASE STAY SMALL FOREVER. GROWING UP STINKS. ESPECIALLY FINALS...