Sunday, February 5, 2012

When I was in high school there was this guy named Josh. He was um, hilarious, really that doesn't even sum it up. Creative, smart, kind, entertaining, maybe that explains a bit more. After college Josh went on to join the Peace Corps and marry a beautiful girl from Jordan. They have since moved to D.C. and now have a precious little boy who turned one this weekend (and we got to help celebrate, yay!)

Birthday highlights included Jad falling asleep right as the party was getting started, classic. Watching his grandparents sing happy birthday with the group via Skype, and the food, mmmmm, the food!

It has been great to be out East to get to watch baby Jad grow and to spend time with this sweet family, and did I mention that Jennifer is an INCREDIBLE cook! It is a win-win-win with these folks. We even stayed late to watch our college rivals (them, MU, boo... us, KU, Rock Chalk!), the girls brought jammies and crashed on the couch, it was good times, good times.

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Josh said...

Good times are always made better when you fools are around.