Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My friends Ross and Kate came to the hospital when I was in labor with both of my littles. With Carolyn they even checked in on me upon arrival at the start of my labor, and then returned the next morning to hold my little munchkin. My girls toddled around their living room and played on sunny days on their deck (see above of Carolyn chillin' with Kate). Eventually they moved to St. Louis and had two beautiful little girls of their own. Now we visit and let the girls play dressup while we chat... and chat... and chat. Then Kate and I leave the boys with the littles and go get coffee and chat some more. We assume the boys are reliving their glory Boy Scout days of 7th grade while we are away, but we don't ask.

Today Ross and Kate are trekking half way across the country to pay us a visit, and we are pumped. The value of long-time friends, with history and common passions, is invaluable. The fact that we both have two sets of spunky girls makes it all the more fun.

Great long weekend, here we come!