Tuesday, December 27, 2011

P.S. i want THIS print to hang at Christmas time!

When I walked into the suite after our 12 days of Christmas in Kansas City the first thing I did was bury my face in a fluffy white {clean!!!} towel. Clean towels, freshly made beds, restocked soap, and only 450 square feet of space make me happy. Christmas made me happy too, but truly I was able to exhale a bit when we walked into our suite and I knew it would stay clean for the next 8 months. Manageable space, that is what I will be looking for in our new house when we return to Kansas City in August.

I have already saved THIS floorplan, and THIS one.... now I just need the land and the alpaca for things to be complete. Oh but August can wait, for now we enjoy the east.

Unfortunately on the 10th day of our stay {Christmas Day to be precise} Julia got very sick. Now Brandon has it, and therefore the sweet photos that I am dying to share are being held captive in his camera while he recovers. Stay tuned.

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