Monday, October 31, 2011

We trick-or-treated, Maryland style. It looks pretty much exactly like Missouri trick-or-treating only colder. Julia insisted on going authentic Pocahontas with no coat for a bit, but I finally insisted she put on the coat before I get a phone call from child services or my mom, or Aunt Jill.

The hotel began the candy fun by hanging a bag for the girls on our door this morning, then the laundry mat gave them more, and then of course the trick-or-treating madness. We have four huge bags, I guess that makes one for each of us.

My co-workers' sweet wife prepared us a DELICIOUS homemade dinner to ready us for the fun. Their adorable little boy and Julia have really hit it off, and we're hoping for more play dates soon. [Julia spent time this weekend lamenting Maryland and her lack of friends, so this is good news indeed!]

After the outdoor fun we headed back to the suite life. During the week I often have co-workers from KC in town, so the girls paid a visit to one of them in the hotel.

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