Sunday, October 30, 2011

Because our new suite life includes cable, the girls have been a bit over-exposed lately to all the cable television holds for children - namely mediocre programming and tons of toy commercials. I don't want to be the mommy who says NO (with that mean pinched face) to my children to every plastic creation ever, but I know they like more than what the TV tells them.

So, in anticipation of a certain someone's seventh birthday (ugh, did I just type that, ouch), I have assembled the following super-compromising gift ideas - she'll love them all, I'll just smile and nod through a few.

1. Moon in my Room - um it's a remote-controlled moon... IN YOUR ROOM! Hello.

2. Pocket Microscope - did my daughter see this and say "gee mom, I would really like to own my own pocket microscope!" No. Will she like to own her own pocket microscope, without a doubt.

3. Sky Umbrella - what is it with kids and umbrellas? Well, this one would make a great photo prop AND my daughter would be on cloud nine.

4. Creationary - its like Pictionary with Legos. Maybe she'll like it, maybe I'll LOVE it.

5. Marble Run - Yes plastic, yes she wants, yes I loved it as a kid too. So this is a win-win-win.

6. Barbie Designable Hair Extensions - at least she has to be creative to make it work.

7. REI Gift Card - this could mean so many things for our little climber, I think her little exploring head might explode when she walks into this store!

8. Knitting Dolls - I have no idea how these work but they are adorable and under $5. I am fairly certain they function as some kind of crafting device.

9. Fur Real Walking Pup - she for real wants this, and I do not get that, but I promised I would add it to her wish list so here you go.


Nicole said...

A pocket microscope was a "not-asked-for" gift from my dad, right around Carolyn's age!! I loved it then, and love it now - it's one of the few toys I've refused to part with!!!

Kendra said...

Oh, Moon In Your Room is very fun! We have one and when the kids camp out they turn it on, that and the constellation star thingie we have of the Aussie Sky. Creationary is fun, but my lego loving 10 year old is way better at it then I am. The upside is, it has lots of different ways to play so it helps to even the playing field!