Monday, October 3, 2011

New York City, oh my word. I am in love. The sites, the sounds, the energy, it is contagious (well, there are probably many contagions, let's be real). My friend Molly was an amazing tour guide. The girls walked miles without (much) complaint. Brandon's parents thoroughly enjoyed their first-ever visit to NYC, and oh the American Girl Store - wowza.

We rode a ferris wheel inside Times Square Toys R Us (awesome)
We attended a tea party at the American Girl Store
I bought a Starbucks in the same building that Tina Fey works!
We saw Ground Zero
We saw the Statue of Liberty (see family photos above, off in the distance)
We rode the subway, we rode in a cab ("um, Mom!?! It's called a TAXI")
We ate good food
And we walked - a LOT

I can't wait to go back, that place is incredible.


Anna said...

molly is so rad. and your girls look cute (as per usual.)

xoxo seester.

Midwest Nest said...

Looks like quite an adventure. Would love to visit NYC.