Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In an experience that none of us will soon forget, my mother-in-law got us reservations to attend tea at the American Girl store in New York. It was incredible. The room was set for 130 mothers, daughters, aunts, grandmas and a few reluctant dads, too. We were served tea and yummy bite-sized treats like Kit's pigs in a blanket, Ruthie's mini calzones, Molly's victory garden cookies, and eight other delicious treats. The girls dolls were pulled right up to the table in specially made doll chairs. And they got birthday crowns, since this was in celebration of their upcoming birthdays.

You'll note in the last photo the quilts on the girls' laps. Brandon's mom made them 1930s doll quilts to go with their dolls, I'll have Brandon get better photos of those soon.

You'll also note in the first picture that Carolyn insisted on raising her arm to match her new doll Kit exactly.

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Anonymous said...

They're all so cute! :)

Tiago Couto