Friday, October 21, 2011

The final day of our Disney trip was actually spent at Universal Studios Hollywood. The highlight by far (for me and Julia at least) was when SpongeBob came walking by and put his arm around Julia and they walked together to the "Crusty Crab" photo area. She... was.... BEAMING. Julia LOVES SpongeBob and the rest of the day she would say "Mom!?! Why do you think SpongeBob likes me so much? You think it's cause I watch his show all the time? You think it's because I'm funny and he's funny?" Other highlights included face painting, the back-lot tour when we saw Wisteria Lane and the experienced the King Kong 3-D ride, the Waterworld show, and random strangers photographing our children with Curious George.

Have you had enough of the Disney archives? No? Here's MORE photos!

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