Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tomorrow we begin our big adventure eastward, 18+ hours eastwardly to be exact. And to keep the girls distracted I have been planning an epic road trip bag... behold the finished product.

I ordered them each a Thirty-One Bag with their names for school this year, perfect to hold markers, colored pencils and wipes for the road. Then I bought large binders and personalized the cover with a map of our trip and their names (and doodles, what little girl doesn't love doodles?)

Inside the bag is Hair-do Harriet, a small note pad, a pencil pouch with glue stick and scissors, and several pocket dividers with blank paper and coloring sheets.

Rather than pack all of the fun into the notebook, I decided to put various activities in sealed magazine envelopes numbered 1-10. This way they get a "surprise" when they open each envelope, and we will space out the opening throughout the two day drive. Otherwise I was worried they would quickly blow through each activity in the first hour and I would be in big trouble.

1. The first envelope is simply blank sheets with red garage sale dots randomly placed. I am going to challenge them to come up with a neat drawing that incorporates the dots.

2. Magazine scavenger hunt to find items like the letters B, K, C and J, a smile and something the color red.

3. I bought a book of hidden picture sheets (don't you remember these from Highlights, loved them as a kid!) and tore them out of the book so each girl could have a handful.

4. A ton of stickers from U.S. Toy and a packet of blank notecards can magically become postcards to send friends, I hope.

5. Road Trip Bingo printed from THIS great blog.

6. Color-by-number coloring sheets I found for free on google.

7. I printed the girls' names and their cousins and friends very large in fun fonts for them to decorate and hopefully send to each kiddo in a "miss you so much" package.

8. Fun magazine pictures should hopefully inspire something similar to THIS art project we did a while back.

9. My friend Teresa suggested a game of "Guess the Flavor" with jellybeans - brilliant, even the parents can play this one!

10. A funprints book by Ed Emberley in which you use a (washable) stamp pan and your fingers to create cute drawings.

Do you notice my multiple uses of the word "fun", ya let's hope this works...


Melanie Jackel said...

Color me impressed! Your ideas indeed look fun. With you the best. Bon voyage!

Missy said...

I love this! GENIUS! You are invited on our next roadtrip.

I'm Jenn said...

This is so cool, I wish I was riding along with you! Safe travels!

Moca Mishael said...

Man that is awesome and so thoughtful, I could order a kit for my next roadtrip!

Monica Lifferth said...

Thanks! I used a lot of this binder. Hopefully 34 hours in the car will not kill us all!