Thursday, September 15, 2011

About hour 15 I told Brandon, "I know what this drive reminds me of! A Bob Ross painting!" Well, a rainy Bob Ross painting, but lovely none-the-less. The hills, the trees, the trees, oh the happy little (huge) trees. We survived, and will have photos as soon as I can locate the gosh-darned photo cord. Ah moving, so much work you quickly declare "We're never doing this again!"

PS - I read an entire issue of Mother Earth News on the drive and now have a very real interest in owning an alpaca when we return to KC (and buy some land obviously), I'll name one Al and one Sal. I decided all of that in the last 30 hours, and I also read the entire magazine over again out loud to Brandon. That my friends is how very exciting our drive was!

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