Friday, September 16, 2011

Let's pause for a moment to remember the lovely (read: incredibly long) drive across the eastern United States that brought us to this suite life.

We began with breakfast with my grandparents, and a quick photo shoot on their porch. Then it was into the incredibly stuffed (read: Beverly Hillbillies) car where the girls received their travel bags. The bags were mostly a hit, until about hour 17 of 20 when the notebooks seemed to have exploded in the back seat where there really wasn't any room to accommodate such an explosion and my head almost exploded likewise.

I had seen an awesome idea for road snacks on pinterest, and it worked brilliantly. I highly, highly recommend that one.

The hotel we stayed overnight in was a gigantic bust. The internet was S-L-O-W, which is pretty critical to me. The front desk staff had me wait at least 10 minutes (at 11:00 at night mind you) while she wrapped up her phone convo, and the rooms were nast (which did not stop Julia from crashing on the floor the next morning as we brushed teeth and what not). But, keep in mind I am a princess (also been called a diva, your choice), and granted 99% of the world seems to be sleeping in squalor so ya, just disregard my complaints about a safe, warm bed and carry on.

And we had every intention of taking a cute family photo in front of the Welcome to Maryland sign, however it was rainy and actually incredibly dangerous so we punted. I did snap a blurry pic to prove that we made it, in case the suite photos aren't enough.

Ok, now let's forget all about long road trips and celebrate stretched legs and non-exploded travel books.

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Kari said...

You make me laugh. I'm glad the trip is going (mostly) well thus far, and after spending 24+ hours driving to Disney in May, I can certainly to relate to your road trip blunders. Carry on. :)