Saturday, September 17, 2011

It was a brisk day in Baltimore as we explored the Inner Harbor.

There was a powerful monument to 9/11 that included twisted metal from the World Trade center, as an engineer, mother, sister, daughter and all-around fellow-human I find anything pertaining to 9/11 to be nearly unbearable. The girls were intrigued, and we discussed it a bit, but had to move on. Just too much, even 10 years later.

Baltimore was hosting an art fair in the Harbor, so we bought a pretty sail boat glass thing-a-ma-bob by a lady with a name that included "Soul". It will look nice hanging in our (Kansas City) kitchen window someday to remind us of our adventure. And it was only $10 but the girls thought it was priceless, so we all win.

We did enjoy some authentic Baltimore seafood fare, with fried shrimp and fish n' chips (and hushpuppies, oh the hushpuppies). We also walked this off with about 3 miles of hiking around and photo taking (and souvenir buying, never forget the souvenir).

It was brisk, it was lovely, it was followed by the art museum (which I will share tomorrow!)

PS - miss you!

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I'm Jenn said...

We miss you too! Awesome photos, I love the snack organizer in the last post too! And the Coast Guard ship in this one, always love those.