Sunday, June 12, 2011

No lake for us this weekend....and the tans are quickly fading. Bummer.

The girls and I did see the Princess Diana exhibit which was phenomenal (have you seen what Princess Kate wore to her first gala...sigh...gorgeousness). We also made a quick visit to the new American Girl store which was a hard lesson in budget management and resisting the urge to splurge. If anyone is curious about birthday or Christmas ideas going forward I am set.

I had my first gig as photographer's assistant while Brandon photographed a gorgeous wedding at historic barn in Lawrence. It was exhausting, purely and totally. And I found out that photography is not my calling in life, not by a very long shot.

My world traveling sister was home for the wedding festivities before she heads back for more fun in Germany tomorrow. The girls spent some time with her this afternoon during which time they lamented not having glasses. So we let them try ours on. They are insisting that we now make a visit to Claire's in the near future for some 'fake' glasses so they can rock out like Aunt Anna more often.


Kari said...

Of course I saw what Princess Kate wore ... I lent it to her! (AHahahahaha!) And, um. I would never wish glasses on anyone, especially kiddos, but boy ... your girls look good in EVERYTHING. Cute. as. a. couple. of. buttons.

Anna said...

sister. you made it sound like my glasses are fake. they are so very real.