Monday, May 23, 2011

[It's a few weeks late, but you still have to hear about C's day at Cubeville!]
I felt guilty waking her at the crack of dawn,

that's life in Cubeville for ya.

Welcome to Take Your Child to Work Day!

She was all smiles for half-hour drive.

And of course we had to stop for a frap enroute.

The other little children of Cubeville all gathered for exciting talks about engineering
and a good bit of brainwashing to ensure a bright batch of future engineers!

C was right in the thick of it...
and then I talked about Civil Engineering and she announced to the entire room

"That's my mommy!"
It was cute. Really cute.

I had the kids engineer a marble race track using recycled materials,
cause nothing says 'real live engineers' like marbles and cardboard...

They raced marbles.
If you're ever looking for a band name, that might be a good one.

Back in my cube Carolyn showed off her circuit board.

We seriously want to crank out the next generation in a few short hours...

We even taught them to answer the phone

And gave them their very own business cards

Needless to say, she was wiped out by the end of her day in Cubeville!

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Missy said...

How fun! She is such a cute girl :)