Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Turning 30 Looks like:
Homemade Frappucino (no sprinkles, no whip, just pure frap goodness)
Responding to 116 different Happy Birthday wishes on Facebook
Lunch at my favorite spot (Houlihans!) with my two favorite littles and my one favoritest man
Receiving the cake print I wanted SO much
Listening to singing voicemail from my favorite singing group
Running reports, preparing spreadsheets (cause Cubeville doesn't stop just cause you're turning 30)
Being sung to again, after sharing cupcakes with others
Receiving homemade birthday cards from tiny hands with lots of love
Waking up to day 2 and continuing the celebrations
Lunch in the Regal reading a good book and drinking my favorite drink
Dinner at the "Peanut Place" with the folks and a sister
Discussing God for over an hour with my dad
Being sung to again
Eating cake with my name on it
Telling Brandon that this will actually be a week-long ordeal


Missy said...

Happy Birthday Katie! You sure know how to party.

Miss E's Weight Loss Diaries said...
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