Sunday, March 13, 2011

Friday morning, bright and early, we headed south.
Julia slept awkwardly.
Carolyn was amazed by the Oklahoma brush fires,
and the fact that the world is already turning green in the south.
The girls were THRILLED with Uncle Phil's farm south of Dallas.
They loved running like wild houligans,
looking for snakes and skunks and coyotes.
The baby shower was Superhero themed, as is the nursery...
The girls got to color on t-shirts and play games,
our group of six from Missouri won 3 of the 4 games!
Carolyn guessed the number of jelly beans,
which may be the highlight of her counting skills
(Brandon was certainly very proud!)
We stopped at the mall,
but it was very windy and the fountain was too tempting,
so we went back to the farm
(after a quick stop at the GAP, of course).
The next morning we headed home,
another long drive in the car,
another long day of fast food in our bellys.
Another day of sleeping in car seats,
and looking adorable
(at least the ones in the carseats looked adorable!)
The girls even learned to gamble at the gas station in Oklahoma
and then took my camera for some wrap up shots...

the end

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