Monday, January 24, 2011

I remember when she learned to walk. I remember those first fateful steps that said "I'm growing! I'm growing! Watch me mama... don't take your eyes off me! I'll be all grown up before you know it!" And I was happy, and she was happy, too.
And then she learned to run, and swim, and dance, and sing (oh boy can this girl sing). And it all made me so happy, and her too.
But tonight, wow. Tonight my big girl who still seems very small turned to look at the painted grocery list on her little wooden kitchen door... and a lightbulb went off.
"Mama!?! What is this?"
"A grocery list" I replied.
And then it happened. " BREAD!" "Mmmmm...miiiii....llllk... MILK!" Eeee...gggg... EGGS!" " CHEESE! Mama I can read!" And I was happy, and she was very, very, very happy!
For kindergarten we chose to keep Carolyn at home (you may recall kindergarten roundup was a bit of a bummer for me HERE). She goes one day a week to a private school academy specifically for kids who are schooled at home (which you might call "homeschooling" and then you might think about long denim skirts and nothing against denim but its kind of more involved than denim). I have hesitated to share much on the blog or elsewhere, largely because of the denim factor. But I absolutely felt like this was the right choice for Carolyn, and tonight my heart swelled seeing all of her hard work (and Brandon's really hard work) paying off. She ice skates and goes to the library and still wrangles a lunch room on Tuesdays and READS and sometimes she sleeps in and does math in her jammies and it is working for us.
It is working, she is reading!!! I am SO excited people.


Anastasia Marie said...

I'm so happy for all of you, Katie! And props to Brandon for all his hard work!

Brooks said...

P & N are cheering for you!! :)

Tracy said...

I remember reading your post about Kindergarten Round Up and went back to read it again and cried...again. Meredith just turned 16 which could be why I cried again...but I just feel so happy for you and Carolyn, Katie! Reading and writing is such MAGIC and it is so amazing to see your girl growing up (with or without the denim). Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

So good...smiling for her and for you...

Kendra said...

Denim! LOL.. oh you should see the Denim youtube video made by a homeschooler. VERY funny. ;) We don't do denim skirts here as homeschoolers.. in fact, I might be daring enough to admit I don't even own a skirt....