Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The best part of speaking at
the elementary school Career Day?

The thank you notes...

I am doing fine, thank you Ian.

Brett I would like to thank you for being a fantastically astute little boy.

Oh all that, I made most of that up.


Too true to be good Jacob, in all seriousness.

Ok kid, what's it going to take to convince you?

Obviously my engineering presentation made a big impression,
but we're cool Ryan I love photographers too!

Adam, can I bring you with me to my yearly review?

Can't say, some days and can't say.


Missy said...

How great! I love kids. Such funny responses.

Helen McGinn said...

Love them, Cool Ms. Engineer Lady! xx

Amy said...

ummm.... HILARIOUS!!!!

Tracy said...

Love it!!! Now do you think you'd consider spending Diversity Day with us (March 10??). I promise some equally cool letters! We'll talk. (c:

Sarah said...

I am smiling ear to ear. Love you comment comments. Thanks for bringing a smile to my day. You must have had a VARY GOOD PRISINTATION!

Aldea, Micah said...

You are like my mother she also likes children