Friday, December 10, 2010

She says she was "nervous" but to me she just looked bored. Julia's program did feature the always favorite "Thee Little Christmas Trees (Standing All Alone)" and unruly children... though not as unruly as last year (remember HERE!?!) She did get to wear the exact same get-up since I intentionally bought a little larger size last year, and I apparently am wearing a scowl that could kill. I hate seeing photos of myself like this, makes me wonder how I keep any friends when my non-verbals scream "bite me".


Brooks said...

i'm laughing so hard right now!!
you know the scowl is why i moved from ks, right?!?! ;)

Matt and Jen said...

I have that natural look too but mine must have a bit of a different angle to it because I've been told mine screams "I'm better than you." Take that for what it's worth.