Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The word to describe life lately: FULL
All good, just full.
The way to combat fullness for me is to release energy in creating. So, tonight, when I should be reading or prepping the Blurb book for Christmas, or cleaning the house (cringe)... I created.
THIS tutorial from MADE was quick (like 10 minutes quick) and free (if you have a sewing machine and any fabric you're golden). And it turned out so dang cool. So cool in fact that we had the following conversation:
K: Check it out [hands over card]
B: [turning it over in hands] o...k?
K: Can you take a picture of it?
B: Like a blog picture... tonight?
K: Nevermind, but it's cool!
B: o....k, who's it for
K: Don't worry, not you

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