Sunday, November 28, 2010

This weekend two more pregnancies were announced by family and friends. Anyone else care to jump on the bandwagon that is "Bringing Home Baby in 2011!!!"? If you do, I might make you this sweet hooded towel with matching washcloths, because hooded towels are a beautiful invention of modern motherhood (probably not just 'modern mothers', didn't Mary swaddle Jesus in something similar? If its good enough for Jesus... just sayin'). But first I am making this pillowcase for the littles in my life, to hone my skills (first time I've ever spelled "hone" hope I got that right).

Clearly sore throats make me giddy.


Angela said...

Katie, Pillowcases are so much fun! The girls and I made magic burrito pillow cases and there was no tricky sewing and it was really fun how it came together. Here's a link to the instructions:

I let each girl pick out her own fabrics and then Heidi made one for each brother for their birthday's last year.

0812 Lane said...

I happen to love the idea of this hooded towel and washcloth. no pressure... just sayin :)