Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas 2009
We've kicked off the Holiday Season with a nasty cold. "We" being me with the cold and the entire family suffering from my cold-ness.
And yet the fun goes on... tonight as we read the Bernstein Bears Visit Santa Bear Carolyn stopped me to say, "You know, I kind of think Santa isn't real. I think you just buy the toys and hide them in the garage and put them out in the middle of the night and when we wake up you say [makes a suprised expression] surprise!" I told her she didn't need to go the mall this year to sit on Santa's lap then, and hopefully she wasn't wrong because if he is real he certainly only brings toys to children who believe. She decided to change her stance, but the gears are a-turnin' and that makes me a little sad and a little proud of her for using her brain. (Seriously, the chimney should be her first clue, and flying reindeer of course).
Back to coughing and sniffing and feeling sorry for myself and my whole ruined Santa-ruse.


mommamitchell said...

What you say!! No Santa??? I think not Ms. Schultz. He lives.

Missy said...

I think you may have a little scientist on your hands.