Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday mornings at our house:
- Sleep-in until 8:30 which sounded lame before we had jobs and children, but now sounds heavenly.
- Prepare hair. Probably a side-ponytail for the girls, or a bun. Ponytail for me, without fail.
- Make breaksfast for the road, tortilla with butter or dry cereal. Juice, too.
- 9:55 Drop off children and husband in front of the Nelson for art classes.
- Proceed to local Starbucks for a frap and reading, reading, reading. Read.
- 11:35 pick up children and husband from art class.
- Listen to stories of clay and paint and glue and museum tours.
- 12:00 grab lunch at QT (per the children's request) and head home for naps all around.

this is how a perfect Saturday morning looks at our house

PS - I promise we don't eat this unhealthy everyday, only Saturday...usually...

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Kari said...

Life is good, Katie! :)