Saturday, September 18, 2010

Before we sat down for a burger and fries, Julia pulled out a piece of paper she had stuffed deep in her pocket. Grandpa had met us in a booth at our favorite spot, and Julia had planned for this moment for the last half-hour. She proudly asked, "Grandpa!?! Do you want to see me write my name?"
My Grandpa, though along in years, has the same enthusiasm for his great-grandchildren that he had for his grandchildren twenty years ago. He smiled the familiar smile that I love to see, and said "Well, sure!"
Julia, with much concentration, wrote out every letter with care as he looked over her shoulder. Then she turned, holding the paper up proudly and said "See, it says JULIA!"
Grandpa said "Yes, very good" and then, in the characteristic fashion that inevitably shaped his four very accomplished children and eleven like-wise achievment driven grandchildren, "Now, can you write your last name?!?"
Sometimes (everyday) I miss my Grandma. But I know her sudden passing almost two years ago has given me a much bigger appreciation for every moment my girls get with my Grandpa, and my other two Grandparents as well. Every moment together is a blessing, not to be taken for granted.


Jenn said...

Okay, this made me misty. It reminds me of my mom's dad who passed away almost 12 years ago. Thanks for such a sweet reminder of grandfatherlyness.

Kari said...

Tears on this end too. Just lost my last grandparent (my dad's dad, just shy of 91) 3 days after Abigail was born. Sadly, he didn't get to meet her or she him. Gosh, to sit down with my 4 grandparents now... the questions I would ask, the things I would say. Sigh.