Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dear Handsome Photographer in faraway Chicago,
As you will see from the evidence here-in, my blog suffers terribly when you're gone for lack of decent photography. Please come home soon. And be sure to bring all the notes you are getting at the Conference, and maybe a surprise for the girls because I've been holding it over their head since you've been gone (you know how I love bribes).
To sum up the last 36 hours or so... J and I enjoyed lunch at the local deli and a walk on the Square to the post office before we had to pick up C from school yesterday. Both were super-enthusiastic about their first days of school. Please note, going forward C would like to buy a hot lunch and be picked up curbside - my bad.
I stayed busy at Cubeville today but I did happen over to twitter which led me to THIS quilt... which caused me great internal angst as I wanted nothing more than to race home and get out the sewing machine! Don't worry, I didn't.
And we spent this evening enjoying a delicious dinner and dress-up (with makeup!) at a friends house. Laurie served up absolutly divine pumpkin cookies warm from the oven for dessert... and her windows were open... and I realized that in Heaven we will probably not need air conditioners because it will always be just like this...perfect. PS there will probably also be pumpkin cookies in Heaven...just sayin.
Now we cuddle up, your three princesses... well two princess and the (sometimes mean) Queen. The girls will be excited to see you tomorrow, and I will be selfishly in need of some photos so please go somewhere interesting and take some photos worth blogging about would you please?

I'm tired. I love you. Higher than the sky!

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