Wednesday, August 18, 2010

We spent several glorious days on the beach recently... have I mentioned that? I waded waste-deep in crystal clear water searching the sand below my toes for shells with my two sun-kissed daughters. It will be one of those memories in my top ten of their childhood. It will be that place I go back to in my mind when I'm 101 years old lying in an old folks' home fighting off leg cramps (leg cramps are actually one of my biggest concerns with getting old, much more worrisome than loss of bladder control or eyesight, possibly because I'm already well on my way with those two).
I wanted a clever way to display our treasure trove of shells and smooth rocks from our marvelous days on the beach. So I picked up a $4 shadow-box frame at Ikea and voila. Now every morning I can peek at the shells and remember the sounds of lapping waves, laughing kidlets and sunshine (which sounds a lot like angels but you only hear it in the deepest parts of your heart, not so much with your ears.)

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Kari said...

Children's laughter = best sound in the world. Cute post.