Tuesday, August 17, 2010

If you're sitting in Cubeville and send the following text to a handsome photographer:
Could you please take some fun photos of the girls for me today?
You are likely to get this response:
I'll try
And you will probably come home to a folder of images like this:

Which might make you a little sad because your baby is growing up,
and getting a little weird, too. And her hair is growing so long,
you'll think she probably needs a haircut.
But when you suggest it you'll probably hear this:
NO! I want to grow my hair out like Rapunzel (huff, crosses arms over chest)

Then you'll look at photos of your oldest monkey-child and gasp:
What is up with your forehead!?!
To which she'll reply as she swings from doorframes
to table tops
to couch-backs
to stair rails:
It's fine Mom (huff, eye roll) I just bonked it.
Then you'll wince and wonder for a moment if posting the photos on your blog
could earn you a call from "Child Services." But you'll post them anyway.

You'll look at the kisses and bright blue eyes and say a little prayer of "thanks"...
for smiling eyes,
for handsome husbands with amazing photos skills,
for sister-kisses,
for monkey children,
for good days,
for love.
Love wins.