Sunday, August 29, 2010

We found out how much fun you can pack in a weekend - just so you know it includes...
- paddle boating
- tree climbing
- path exploring
- watersliding
- ropes coursing
- pudding eating contesting (only for K...under duress)
- new friend making

- bedtime reading
- night striking (only for C...gladly so)
- silly stringing
- and some other stuff, too
Carolyn's most favorite part: Doing night strike with the 'big girls' all by herself. I think night strike is something in the woods involving flashlights and getting captured. Sounded too scary for me.
Julia's most favorite part: Riding the water slide with Mommy. How many times you ask? "Probably 100".
Best quote of the weekend: Last one to the slide is a robin's egg!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a blast. So glad you had such a great weekend with so many great experiences for girls!!

Ross Christopher said...

katie...AWESOME t-shirt!