Thursday, August 26, 2010

Julia's bestest friend in the whole wide world, the cousin she was born within five short months of, the one she sleeps next to on Friday night sleep-overs at Grandma's, the kindred spirit she gravitates towards like a magnet, the sweet friend she prays for at bedtime - is undergoing spinal surgery to remove a cyst in her tiny spine next Thursday.
Please pray for Natalie ... for her safe travel to Dallas Children's Hospital.... for her comfort and bravery as she goes in for surgery... for the surgeons hands to be wise and precise... for a quick recovery... to know God is near.


Brooks said...

We are definitely thinking about you all and sending up prayers for miss natalie!

Rachel said...

oh my gosh - these photos are so amazing :-) what a beautiful reminder of friendship and love. :-) praying for Natalie.

Anna Ander said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Good luck!