Tuesday, August 3, 2010

On Saturday night at around 9:00 I looked into the girls bedroom (above) and let out a long sigh. What a mess, too much stuff, not enough play. I made an executive decision that we were going to make a change, and fast. We spent the remainder of the evening moving bedroom furniture, weeding through mounds of toys and books and Barbies, and establishing a much reduced pile of play things. We are now at the Goodwill stage, when my living room is full of piles and I don't know how to get them out the door without tears from two little princesses.
Upon the final sale of a few excess pieces of furniture (including the large white armoire shown above if you're interested) we shall take some "AFTER" pictures...you know, cause I love me some "before and after" progress.

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Kari said...

That is a lot of stuff, but it happens SO fast. I was totally expecting the after ... disappointment. :) And really? All that after 9pm? Good work, Mama!