Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm having an out of sorts sorta week. The house is a disaster much thanks to my activator tendencies and the need to purge the bedrooms during a Saturday night frenzy. My face is erupting, which ain't pretty but more importantly just plain hurts. Natalie is awaiting her date for spine surgery, read more about that HERE. And I've plum run out of work clothes for these sweltering summer days...don't even get me started on the laundry.
Do you have days or even a week or two that go like this some times? Doesn't it make the good weeks even better - the clean house even squeekier - the blemish free complexion even smoother. Just nod and say "of course" because if that isn't the case I might curl up in a ball and rock myself to sleep.
When my pity party is over, I'll post some pictures of tonight's poolside giggles featuring the totally adorable Ava and two blondies with killer summer tans (no seriously, I'm totally stressing about their risk for skin cancer after the last two weeks of non-stop swimming and beaching it up - see, its an unpleasant week to be camped out inside my skull). For now the pictures are on my camera, far from home, as I forgetfully left behind my bare necessities in life (read: camera and cell phone) at my in-laws. D'oh.

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Matt and Jen said...

I had a post like this not too long ago... needless to say- you are great and will get through to the other side. From all the women all over the world that need to feel like they aren't alone during their own pity parties, thanks for being real for us!