Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Silhouettes have been very popular the last few years. Probably prompted, in part, by Stephanie Nielsen when she used to make these for people (pre-plane crash). Even I have tried my hand at the whole process, see HERE.
However, Tim Arnold a.k.a. "The Silhouette Man" takes this whole trend to a new level. To an artistic level that warrants the "can I have your autograph" feel, which conveniently is included on every print.
Talk about an amazing piece of original art. I would love to order these for Christmas to replace my mediocre home-made numbers, and to tuck away for the girls to adorn their sweet homes someday not so long from now.

I love the specialty pieces, especially Noah's ark. Just amazing. And the craziest thing, he said the standard silhouette takes about 3 minutes to make. 3 minutes, ya, amazing.

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