Saturday, September 27, 2008

my {attempts at}'s the update
I made silhouettes of the girls, which is actually very inexpensive
{Stephanie Nielson, Nie-Nie, does these yearly for her kids,
see hers here on her blog here, she rocks}
1. Take photo of child's silhouette (this is by-far the hardest step of all)
2. Enlarge the photo and print it on plain paper
3. Glue/tape the image to black construction paper
4. Cut out the silhouette and...
5. Voila
[optional: Because I am a digital junky, I scanned mine in so I could size them,
add a suitable font and be able to make other *read future crafti-fun* things with them]

And the curtains! Oh the CURTAINS!
My kitchen is getting so grown-up,
we graduated from the aluminum blinds to
pear-green cafe curtains,
courtesy of my sewing-wonder-mother-in-law.
I've had these curtains in my mind for over a year,
all I had to do was mention it to my mother-in-law over dinner,
then off to JoAnns and a few hours later we were in business...
they are better than I could have hoped.

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