Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Handsome Father of My Children (on Father's Day),
If I had wished as much, thought as hard, dreamt as often about what kind of father I wanted for my children as I did about what kind of husband I wanted for myself, I could never have wished/thought or dreamt of anyone better. The way you encourage them (and me), the patience you have with them (and me), your gentleness with them (and me), its exactly what we need. And to be brave enough to live in this crazy house with three emotional girls... you are truly the very best.
I know that someday, too soon, they will grow up. No longer bald little babies in the crook of our arms, they will be world changers. They will be taller, and stronger, and smarter - but their confidence will have grown not by time alone but from the love and reassurance you give them everyday. They will know they are beautiful, capable women because you've spoke this to their heart from the beginning. They are lucky girls indeed.
So am I.

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