Sunday, June 20, 2010

1. Peony Hair Clip. Because my girls love hair clips and I love to imagine myself crafty enough to combine fabric and fire to create beautiful flowers like these (I've actually tried it, under the watchful eyes of the Handsome One, and my skills need work). From Ruffles and Stuff.

2. Portable Art Studio. This would be perfect for our visit to the beach in a few weeks. My two little artists will have so much to paint about sitting on the sand watching the waves roll in. From Maya*Made.

3. Ruffled Pillow. Elise always picks the most fantastic colors, and wouldn't this look splendid on my couch along with the other eclectic pillows we've aquired!?! From Elise Blaha.

4. Lego Cake Pops. I must make these for my cousin Michael very, very soon. And it will give me a great excuse to invest in a nice set of edible ink pens then I can make tiny cakes that say "Eat Me" on them to go with our weekend movie watching of Alice in Wonderland. From Living Locurto.

5. Orchid Wreath. Glue guns and orchids are things I can work with people! And this would liven up our sun-soaked front door...though its not black and that sure makes it pop. From 2 Giggle Boxes.

6. Seashell Shadow Box. A beautiful for the tiny seashells we (might) collect at the beach this summer. I love the way she's made them look like butterflies. From thelongthread.

7. Felicity Fabric Flower. My girls would most certainly wear this happily in their pretty little hair. If I could find fabric to match a favorite dress it could be perfect for the next rehearsal dinner... two more to go! From Carina Gardner.

8. Billy Buttons. Another great idea from the talented Mrs. Priss, this time homemade (and affordable) Billy Buttons to brighten up any room. I would like them for my office personally. From Mrs. Priss.

9. Fabric Tape. I had so much fun wrapping our Christmas presents with lovely Japanese tape last winter, and now I might be tempted to try my hand at making some pretty tape myself. From the red thread.


Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...

Oooh, thank you for the link love! I'm going to go check out that wreath stat!!

Sue said...

Love, Love LOVE 2, 4, and 5