Monday, March 29, 2010

She's memorized the entire thing - I'd get an audio recording and share it with you if the day was 25 hours long, but alas I am short an hour (or twelve) each day and fall short of many of the projects I'd like to accomplish. I fear I will wake up tomorrow and they'll be 18 and think I'm lame and my insisting that they do felt crafts will be met with back-talking and eye-rolling... so I am therefore on a quest to identify a 25th hour for just such a thing as recording a three-year old saying "burped up brussel sprouts" but you'll have to listen carefully as she says the entire narrative at top speeds so as not to forget a bit. And you'll have to wait at least until tomorrow as she's got a vicious-mean ear ache tonight that has kept her from enjoying story-time at all.


Matt and Jodi said...

Katie, you need to give me a blog tutorial! I love how you did the stuff with Julia. How did you do it?

Brooks said...

so funny! p and n LOVE that book, too. we don't even own it--we kept renewing it from the library for MONTHS!! lol
btw, i love the quote--you get what you get and you don't get upset. (i think that's from the pink one. . .) we use it all the time!