Monday, February 8, 2010

We said goodbye last night - to the two stinky blankets that hang out of C's mouth, and the colorful pacifiers that have become a part of J's face (and deformed mouth unfortunately).
Allow me to back up and explain that three weeks ago J had surgery to remove her super enlarged frenum. Also, allow me to advise you not to Google image search frenum, as it is both the piece of tissue that connects you gums to your upper lip as well as a part of anatomy that might not be appropriate for your computer screen in Cubeville...err...take it from me.
Wow, that was random.
So we said "goodbye". It was a cold turkey kind of quitting, the line was drawn in the sand. And behind that line lay two little girls crying themselves to sleep at the bitter loss of such beloved possessions. C, when promised a reward of Texas Roadhouse, decided the peanuts were a good trade and succumb to the offense.
J, on the other hand. J made us pay. Every hour through the night. And we paid the most valuable price a parent can pay, priceless, precious sleep.


Renee said...

I feel for you! We are STILL dealing with my daughters "cold turkey" bottle battle. She isnt crying anymore, but she is sucking her fingers and toes, which would be fine but its lead to fingernail/toe nail biting and little red soars... and she is putting toys and other things in her mouth like crazy. Poor kid. We are working on it. :) Good luck to you mama :) *hugs*

Ross Christopher said...

advice for tonight (3 words): be-ne-dryl

Stacy said...

Question based on Ross' advice... Benedryl for J or for the suffering parents? ;)

Jen said...

Oh, I feel so bad for Carolyn! I know the pain of surrendering your blanket (mine was blue and I carried everywhere until I was 6). I also know the sadness of trading beloved blanket for something that seems like a good deal at the time, but kills you later on (my trade was a brand new "People Pillow." They were all the rage back then).

I can also empathize with little Julia. For me, it wasn't a pacifier, but my index and middle fingers on my right hand. My fingers became deformed as did my two front teeth, so that habit had to go. Also painful.

I hope tonight is easier!

Missy said...

ok I googled it and saw what you meant... oops! Poor girls, that transition can be rough.