Monday, February 15, 2010

Watching these Winter Olympics has me fondly remembering our trip to Vancouver in 2005...
Some of our wonderful friends from college were getting married (what a location, right on the water...sigh so beautiful), and we all met up for a reunion-of-sorts north of the border.
My intentions with this post were to show you how incredibly beautiful the scenery and the city were, but as I look back over the pictures - it mostly just highlights the little bundle of joy that was C 7 months old.
Carolyn had learned to crawl quite literally in the airport terminal as we waited to board one of the three flights that would get us over the Rocky's and up the western shore to the mountainous and coastal beauty that is Vancouver.
The highlights, by far, was our friends' amazing wedding. But, secondly was their patience with our little bundle, as the first night she unloaded a tummy full of formula across the table of the little Mexican restaurant we were all dining in. God bless our friends and their kindness that evening.


Kari said...

Was she ever that little?? :) Vacation ANYWHERE sounds nice with all the snow we've had lately!

Brooks said...

good times, indeed.
and seriously the most beautiful wedding EVER, eh?
i just found a pic of all 6 of us sitting together a few days ago.
of course, this dredges up memories of nyc, jade, fondue. . . *sigh*

Stacy said...

O, Canada!!!!