Sunday, February 28, 2010

Someday I will tell you about this night. The night you showed me your sweet spirit. The night I told you "You will be a good Mommy someday!" And you beamed from ear-to-ear.
There is a night once-a-month at our church when special needs children play with volunteers so their parents can have a few hours of alone time. Sometimes Carolyn pushes little ones in wheelchairs, or fetches them snacks from the snack room. But this night I was assigned to a little boy with significant vision impairment and Julia was immediately drawn in.
"Mommy, why do his eyes do that?" she asked...
"I'm really not sure Bug, but isn't he a precious baby!?!" I responded.
"He is!" she said.
Gingerly she offered him the little red car in the nursery. She held the door and helped him in. With soft little words "you want to ride!?! yes!?! It's so fun!?!" She pushed, gently and always aware of what was ahead. She would stop every few feet to clear the path and tell him where they were going. It was a breath of fresh, unafraid and totally loving air.
On the way home I talked to her and C about the night, and asked them if they'd like to go get a treat because I was so proud of how they had played nicely all night. Much to my delight they decided Starbucks would offer the most delicious treats in the iced cupcakes and milk. I couldn't have agreed more.


Mutt said...

I am always amazed at the innocence of children. My son has never been afraid of someone different. Perhaps it's because he is a little different with his magic ears (hearing aids) or his big heart. He simply sees other children to play with.

Good for your girls to simply see a precious child to play with.

Stacy said...

This is so sweet! :)