Monday, February 1, 2010

I was completely motivated after posting THIS "before" photo of the office to recreate our office/work/art space as a miniature sanctuary from the chaos of life.
  • I found the maps at Mardel for $6 total - the BEST part of the whole space!!!
  • We already had the art tables and chair and black shelving.
  • I bought the pink file cabinet at Walmart for $45 - pink is perfect!
  • I also bought the cute brown and green and white boxes at Walmart for $6 each
  • The cracker jars for crayons and Bendaroos were only $3 at Walmart
  • And the curtains were $18 (again with the Walmart), which we potato stamped for free
  • The cozy winged back chair was my sister's, ready for Good Will (FREE)
  • And the little blue table was $20 at the local antique mall (thanks to Grandma for the find!)
  • I made the bulletin board, which bowed terribly (darn cheap cork) so we had to lean it on a shelf rather than hang it ($20 for cork board and elastic, $5 for little black shelf)
  • The old green chair made for a good bookcase for now.
  • The collection of paint brushes fit inside an old pickle jar.
  • Everything else we had previously.
Total spent to make our space usable and inviting was about $150...


Jen said...

What a transformation! It looks wonderful, Katie. A great place for you and the girls to work and create.

Julie said...

it looks wonderful!

Angela said...

I love it! Do you hire out? I have an office a child could get lost in.

Little Ugly said...

Looks great!

Kari said...

Excellent work! I'm impressed with your turnaround time too!

Matt and Jen said...

Love it! The colors are wonderful and it seems like a good space from everyone- not just focused on kids or adults. Lucky girls to have a such a fun room!

Tracy said...

I LOVE IT, too! Where did the calendar thingys come from?

Jennifer said...

whoever tracy is, i love her! :)