Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Two weddings, two flower girls = four new flower girl dresses
Here are a few I have found in my browsing:
1. This ivory jcrew jewel comes at a pretty price ($165) but I love the ruffly front.
2. David's has several in purple, the color Rachel and Christopher have chosen, and of course David's prices are always pleasing ($79)
3. This sweet vintage-esque dress ($79), also from David's, reminds me of what my flowergirls wore so long ago. Love the lace.
4. My absolute favorite ($80), though the color selection is not as varied as the other David's options, the collar is gorgeous and would look adorable on C for sure!
5. Classic flower girl, and very affordable ($45), you can never go wrong with a puffy skirt and a sash. Plus the flower embellishment is very classy...I think.
6. Empire wastes always catch my eye, and I love how forgiving a crinkle chiffon would be on two little ones running hither-and-dither on the big day ($109).


Little Ugly said...

I vote for number 5. I heart those types of dresses.

Rachel said...

OMG - 4 is my fave too!!!!! Theses are so cute, and your girls will look so cute in them! :-) can't wait!

This is the one I saw at Ida's, def to $$$$$ but the idea is cute :-)


Katie said...

RACHEL! I love that link - oh wowzers!

nifer said...

I love #6... I'm all for simple and child-friendly! Even for me. :)