Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I conquered the wreath tutorial from the Long Thread. And I am happy.
It took way more ribbon than I anticipated, though the tutorial is very clear and specific - I just thought she surely couldn't be serious...she is... save yourself the two extra trips back to the hobby haven and buy the specified amount the first time.
I initially had visions of two matching golden homemade wreaths hanging in my kitchen windows over my pear cafe curtains to make the most warm and golden Christmas kitchen. After draining the whole of KC of all golden grosgrain ribbon to be had I decided this would instead make a lovely Christmas gift (now the question is...to who?). The windows will have to be adorned with children's paper snowflakes again this year...sigh.
A few more shots of all my efforts courtesy of the Handsome on-site Project Photographer:

thanks B - I love you

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the long thread said...

Yours looks great! Love the color and the ribbon. Thanks for sharing.